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1977 MGB (posted 11/23/22, updated 3/16/23)

Long story short, we had it at a place that was going to work on it for us in their spare time and the business got so busy and it was too big of a job for them. It is not running.  From what they found they said it started up but only ran on a couple cylinders.  They believe the engine needs to be overhauled.  The clutch may be rusted.  They did not return the muffler with the car, they really didn't put it back together.

As you can see in the pictures, there is a tear on each side by the back window and a crack by the driver side mirror. The windshield is cracked. I purchased the car from the original owner.  
The car has been parked for probably 90% of the years I have owned it.

It would need to be towed/trailered.

$3,000 OBO.

Paula Gordon pgisaiah4110@hotmail.com
Phone: 269-313-0226.






Parts for Sale


MG TF Glove Box Doors + MG TF Hood Supports (posted 10/18/20)

Transform the appearance of your somewhat “unfinished” MG TF dashboard by giving it more “eye appeal”, along with added functionality!

  • Handcrafted from solid walnut or oak, and finished with high-gloss spar urethane.
  • No veneer layers, or fillers used in my process.
  • NO mounting hardware needed….just grab the chrome knob and pop’em, or take’em out in seconds. Optional locking right side glove box door.
  • ALSO offering walnut, or oak MG TF hood supports. Perfect for working on your car, or displaying your engine compartment at car gatherings.


Name: Ted Spear
Website: https://mgtfgloveboxdoors.com/
Email: sales@mgtfgloveboxdoors.com
Phone: 574-307-0003

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